Quilt of Love Progress

6 out of 9

Blocks received as of 10/03/2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

This is it!

We have the size:
12 1/2" squares
We have the color:

Now on to the next step:
Make your squares!
They do not have to be totally orange, it is merely the color that will tie the squares together.  Have fun with your designs and keep in mind the recipient of your wonderful creations. 

Feel free to send me sketches, ideas, and updated pictures of your squares.  I will post them to the blog so that everyone can see/feel the progress being made.  I will also post whenever I receive a new square. (as well as the progress of my square).  

You can send your squares/letters to:
Theresa York
11717 Jones Rd
                                                                    Houston, TX 77070
and you can refer to quilt of love page for all information about our quilt.  


  1. Yeah! I voted for orange! I'll be checking my stash for orange fabric! I'm thinking a Scottie Dog!


  2. Hi Theresa, I found the link for this on a friend's blog. I've just made a block, orange background with folded (blue with orange flowers) triangles in each seam. Hope it is okay. Will post it to you tomorrow (as it is coming to you from Ireland may take a little while) Best Wishe