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Blocks received as of 10/03/2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A quilt of love- colors!

This is exciting! I love the enthusiasm I have been receiving over the quilts of love!  I have even started seeing postings on other people's blogs to rally more help.  That is awesome, because getting the word out there will draw in more people that would like to get involved = better success and (hopefully) many more quilts!!

Ok, so where are we now?
You have swung me over to your side, I think we should make our first quilt a gender neutral quilt.  I am posting another poll for the color to use.  What I am thinking (and please post if you have another idea) is that we all create our blocks with a certain "theme" in mind.  It can either be a color (which I think will be easiest) or an image (like owls).  I would like to stick to a color for the first one, just because I think it would be a good place to start.  Yellow, green, orange, white, brown and maroon

I found some room decorations to get inspiration for color combination's.  These I found on The Lennox
 Beige, brown, maroon and almost a greenish blue
 green and white
(My favorite!) orange, yellow, brown and white

I have posted another poll for the main color that we want to go with, and make sure to respond to the post with any color combo's that you may like. 

Also, what size blocks do you think we should use?


  1. Hey Theresa!! This is so fun!! Gender neautral....great idea!! I can hardly wait to see the color...and what design. It's like a mystery quilt and even the designer doesn't know what it's going to look like!! :)

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

  2. Hi from Abilene! I just found you through A Sisterly Connection blog. I'm very excited about the Quilt of Love. I have breast cancer and love the idea of helping a child feel comforted with a quilt. It is so scary even for adults I can only imagine what goes on in a child's mind!
    As far as block size, you need to decide on what age child we are making the quilt for and go from there on an appropriate size quilt for that age child.
    Count me in,

  3. Great idea! Are we sending all the blocks to you to be put together and quilted? I personally love the green, aqua, cream or white look this year, but I have a fabric stash that would choke a horse so I am open. A 12 1/2 inch block is generally a good one. Is this going to be a sampler quilt with each of us sending a block or are we going to need to make the whole quilt? Keep me posted.

  4. I vote Beige, brown, maroon and almost a greenish blue & 12" block. Do u mind if I hand quilt? My machine needs repair.

  5. Deb- It is exciting, I keep trying to imagine what it will look like.
    Ginger- Were almost like neighbors then (well, not really b/c I am in Houston haha). I am so sorry to hear about your breast cancer, my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor so our family has really been able to count our blessings. I wish you the best! I am still working on making a connection with Texas Children's, so right now I do not have an age range. I hope in the future that we can make a quilt for a certain child so that we know age, favorite color, likes/dislikes etc.
    Martha- 12 1/2" sounds good to me. That will be a large enough square where everyone can really personalize it and have fun. Yes, this will be a sampler quilt with a common color(s) to tie it all together.
    Rebecca- I actually love all of the color combo's and want to make a quilt for each! Since everyone is mailing their blocks, I will put them together and quilt the finished product.

    P.s. I am going to add another page to my blog that explains everything we have decided up until now, as well as a address to mail the blocks to.