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Friday, June 24, 2011

Christmas presents

Well not really, but let me explain...

I went to my mailbox today to check for quilt blocks, and when I opened the door there it was!  I knew it had to be the cute little Scottie block that LaDonna made.  "Yay" I thought " I finally get to see what it looks like in person!", because in person is always better than a picture.  So I put the envelope in my passenger seat and drive home, eager with anticipation.  I get home and drop all of my stuff and start trying to open the envelope.  Now, I say trying because this really turned out to be a job!  I'm half way through getting the envelope open when I think about Christmas time and that one present you get that is tapped at every possible location.  You know, the one your mean cousin Fran wraps because she thinks it's funny to watch you struggle to open a gift that you know is going to be awesome.  So I finally get the envelope open and the thing is covered by two pieces of cardboard that are what? Yep, you guessed it, they are tapped down on all four sides.  "Agh screw it, where are the scissors!"

So I finally get it open and look at the square, and it was ALL worth it! It is absolutely gorgeous, thank you LaDonna! I know, I am picking on your packaging, but it did come to me completely safe and sound! Forgive me for sharing the comic relief I experienced in my moment of frustration. 

Here are some visual aids:


  1. Too funny, Theresa! You're not the only one to "complain" about my packaging! It's a running joke in my family about how much I love to tape! But, hey, it protects what's inside, right?! And that's what counts! Looks like the tape did it's job! Glad he got there safe and sound! Now you get to iron the wrinkles out!


  2. Ha ha You made me laugh too as I usually receive the same complaints about my packaging! Well standby to recieve Thersa as tomorrow I will be finishing two blocks I am sewing for you and on Tuesday they will be in the post from Australia. Don't worry, I will package them well to make sure they survive the trip! ;-P