Quilt of Love Progress

6 out of 9

Blocks received as of 10/03/2011

About me and whatnot

Why I started this blog:
I am a 24 year old craftaholic.  I love to make things. I love to put cute fabrics together. Pinks, yellows, blues, purples, swirls, polka-dots,  filigree; the combination's are endless.  I have absolutely no problem finding a new project to start on.  My problems lie with finishing them.  I get bored or I get busy or I just find an new interest. One day I was browsing quilt blogs and came across Rossie's Process Pledge.  Blog about the process of my crafts? Well, I think I can do that! It might even help me to finish some things... So here is my attempt.  I do not promise to finish everything I start, after all I am just human.  I also don't promise to post regularly because I want this blog to be relaxing, not stressful.  So here is what I promise:
When I think/start/finish/learn something I will blog about it (whether its the same minute or 3 weeks later...)
I do not care if you reuse my ideas, as long as you give recognition to me. (see copyright information at the bottom of the page)
I will never completely follow a pattern, there will always be a touch of me!

Five things I can think of about myself:
1. I CAN NOT walk into a fabric store and not buy something pretty.  Everything has so much potential! There are so many possibilities! Ooh, look it has cupcakes on it.. SOLD!
2. I have some type of ADD when it comes to projects. If I work on one too long it drives me crazy so I am usually working on a few at a time.
3. I know how to crochet, tat, quilt, but for some reason I have no clue how to knit.. Ok, now that I think about it that's strange.
4. My boyfriend thinks I have the typical interests of a 50 year old lady. There are others out there like me, I know there has to be...
5. I would usually spend more money and time trying to figure out how to make something then to just buy it. I think this is just a genetic issue.  I can't help it. I know it doesn't make sense most of the time, and yet I still find myself at hobby lobby buying this and that to recreate something I found in a magazine.

So that is a little insight into me. I love looking at and hearing other people's ideas so if you can add on something I've posted, please do! 

Confessions of a Craftaholic

P.S. Please make sure to check out my quilting initiative to help sick children- A Quilt of Love