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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A busy Wednesday

I made this pinwheel for my second quilt.  Something changed my mind from the four triangles of different fabric to making 8 small triangles of only two colors.  It looks like it took a lot more work, but if I'm being honest it was super easy.  I watched a video on making pinwheels where they put two charm pack squares together right side facing in.  Then sewed along the outside ( I know, this just seems all kinds of wrong).  After you make two diagonal cuts (giving you 4 triangles), you open up the triangles and wha-lah! You now have the four squares needed to make a pinwheel.  I think I will use these for the four corner's, but for everything in between, I will use a block that I have to thank Miguel for (yes, he actually came up with it). See, usually when I take something to him and ask him what he thinks, he just gives me that look.  You know, the one that says "what in the world gave you the impression that I would ever have an opinion on something like that". But this time, he surprised me by rearranging the squares to make this design:

I know, I was shocked too! Who knew he had it in him...

I also made another small change to the original design.  On the center square I am going to do some (fuse quilting?) not really sure what it is called, but it looks like this:

The ribbon is supposed to look like a river, which will work to match a picture I have hanging over the wall with the designs of the quilt (I hope).  Here's one last picture of the squares that I finished yesterday...


  1. Love it. I'm especially impressed with Miguel's suggestion. Also, I think the fused quilting is called applique. I could be wrong though. Love you :)(Becky)

  2. I've seen it referred to either way, so IDK.