Quilt of Love Progress

6 out of 9

Blocks received as of 10/03/2011

How to get involved

Great news, there are so many ways to get involved!  Quilters and non-quilters alike can help out.  Not only is it the child that is going through the hardships, but it is also the family who is suffering, panicked, scared, and sad.  Let's send a care package that includes the quilt as well as letters of encouragement.  If there is another craft that you like to do instead of quilting, you can send that as well.  This group is so open to new ideas that every step of the quilt will be voted on and decided on as a group.  Now, here are some of the ways that you can get involved:
  • Make a square- 12&1/2" square that fits the theme we are working with.  This square can be anything that you want it to be.  You can design it with applique, embroidery, paint, or even sew beads on it (or whatever you like to do), just keep in mind that it is for a child (for both the design and safety).
  • Send a letter- Don't want to quilt? That's ok, send us a letter of encouragement for the family.  Send a children's story or a poem you have written. Be creative, but most of all be you.  It would also be interesting for the quilters to send a letter with their square.  This could be as simple as something with your name and why you decorated your square the way that you did.  From all of the research I have done on organizations that give quilts, the recipients are usually interested to learn a little about the quilt angel that made it.  
  • Send something else? - This section is really wide open.  If you make something you think the child/family would enjoy, send it and I will include it with the quilt.  Since I am a crafter in general, I won't discriminate against people that like do other crafts.  
  • Vote- Participate in the live polls that determine different elements of the quilt.  Respond to my posts with your thoughts, opinions and ideas.
Remember, this is a blogging community quilt, made by you!